"I loved joining Rose and Noah during their journey in the Temptation series by Karen Hopkins."

-Katie McGarry, acclaimed YA author


"I cannot say enough good things about Forever and the entire series. Karen Ann Hopkins without a doubt is one of my favorite authors. Her books and writing style are exquisite. She really knows how to capture the reader’s heart and tell a heartwarming/breaking romance like none other.”

-Bittersweet Enchantment Blog


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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"From the prologue to the last chapters, Lamb to the Slaughter had me instantly hooked. Ms. Hopkins is a master at pacing and setting up her stories in a way that has readers connected to both the characters and the story line that has readers bemoaning if they have to put the book down to go about whatever pulls them away." 



"A well-crafted tale of murder begotten by the collision of two incompaticble worlds."

-Kirkus Review for Lamb to the Slaughter


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


"Everything about Embers was beyond perfect!"   

-Bittersweet Enchantment


"Embers is definitely dark and extremely interesting.  You will love this story and want more when the book ends.  This series will be a fantastic one. "

-Gen Gen's Book Reviews.


"Hopkins' refreshingly original idea is what makes this read truly worthwhile.  Her world building is dark, bold and interesting and her characters are far from being black and white....the paranormal elements in this book are quite different and extraordinary."  

-The Nocturnal Library


“Embers is the start of an ACTION-PACKED paranormal YA series. Ms. Hopkins draws the reader immediately in with her RICHLY drawn prologue that introduces the lurking evil in a breath-taking manner. A MUST READ for YA, paranormal, fantasy and suspense fans. Make that a DELIGHT for any reader!"

-Morgan Stamm, Ind'Tale Magazine



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