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You can listen to the Temptation series on audio!

<DRUM ROLL> Audible will release all 3 Temptation books on April 21st! And TEMPTATION has just become available to preorder. FYI that's the Aussie cover they're using. Keep a lookout, I'll be giving away a few copies later in April. Here is the link: click here!

Also, they hired a pair of really AMAZING actors to portray Rose & Noah! Here is their info: Emily Bauer:

"EMILY BAUER has been performing professionally since grade school. After being plucked out of an acting class and put on the Mainstage of the prestigious Paper Mill Playhoue in her native New Jersey, Emily rose through the ranks of regional theatre, eventually graduating to Broadway and European national tours, as well as film, television, soap operas, and voice overs. Emily is one of the most highly sought after voice over and commercial actors in America today, and can be heard and seen in literally hundreds of ads. She lends her talents to cartoons for Cartoon Network, the WB, ABC, Disney, and PBS and is also the voice of many popular toys and video games. Emily can be heard every day on MTV Network as one of their announcers. In 2007, Emily was honored with Publisher's Weekly Award for Best Audiobook for her work on "Life as We Knew It" by Susan Beth Pfeffer. In 2008, Emily won another "Best Audiobook" award from Audiophile Magazine, and in 2009, Emily is honored to be the recipient of the ALA's Notable Recording award for her narration of "The Possibilities of Sainthood", a book in which she was proud to collaborate with Timothy Ditlow, the man responsible for the "Harry Potter" audiobooks! Emily might be best known to younger audiences as the voice of "Dawn" on the hit TV series "Pokemon" and as Emily Elizabeth in "Clifford the Big Red Dog" for Scholastic. A cum laude graduate of New York University, Emily double majored in Business and Theatre. In her free time, Emily loves to learn and try new things, relax with a good book and a skinny vanilla latte, jump on her trampoline, and sing along really loudly to the radio."

Vikas Adam:

"Vikas Adam is an actor, voice-over artist, director, and writer. As an educator, he has taught acting, voice, and movement-based studies to all levels, from elementary school to undergraduate college. He currently teaches acting at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. Mr. Adam has also used his theater skills in numerous social outreach programs dealing with sexual assault awareness issues; was one of the founding members of the Dallas County Sexual Assault Coalition working alongside social workers, law enforcement, and hospitals to better services to victims of sexual violence; and has presented workshops for social workers at the state and national level. Mr. Adam works regularly as an audiobook narrator in numerous genres and has recorded work from luminary authors including Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game Alive: The Audioplay and Earth Afire (Earphone Award); International bestselling epic The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye; S.E. Hinton’s Some of Tim’s Stories; Dreams and Shadows and its sequel Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill; and The City of Devi by New York Times notable Manil Suri (Best Audiobooks of 2013). Mr. Adam has a BFA in Theater from Syracuse University and an MFA in Acting from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television."

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