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How has the Covid-19 quarantine affected the Amish?


Just like everyone else, the Amish are sheltering at home during these crazy times. Their schools and church services are cancelled for the time being. Most family businesses are still going strong. The farmers, bakers, and carpenters are working and gardens are being planted. The Amish are usually more self sufficient than the average person. By storing their homegrown food and canned goods, grocery store shortages haven't affected them too much.

But they're a very community centered society. Ball games, church gatherings, cookouts, quilting groups and family events are a huge part of their lives. They don't have television, Netflix, smartphones, social media or internet for entertainment to fill the hours they'd normally be spending with family and friends. The lack of neighborly contact is the really hard part for the Amish during this crisis. And trust me, just like us, they're itching to get back to normal. 😊


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