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Introducing my newest novel, THE FORTUNA COIN. It releases on October 12th & you can pre-order it now!!

Wendy Catalano, a newly remarried mother of four, finds herself, her husband and her children, murder victims of her ex-husband. A family heirloom takes her back in time to the beginning of her relationship with her eventual killer where she’s given the magical opportunity to change the future and stop her family's tragic ending. But she isn't aware that she's reliving a tortured life. With only glimpses of the future, Wendy struggles to survive present day, unaware that a bloody and unforgiving destiny awaits her.

The Fortuna Coin is a haunting psychological thriller about second chances…but will the truth really set Wendy free? Cover art by THE ILLUSTRATED COVER DESIGN. Thanks, Melissa for the fabulous cover! Click here to pre-order!


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