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Amish drill team at the farm

Here's a pic of the Amish drill team that rode at my farm a few years ago, inspiring me to write the Temptation series. Everyone in this picture is Amish, except two of the boys, who were my teenage sons dressed in Amish clothing to stay in theme. The kids performed intricate maneuvers on horseback at high speed, but the elders didn't allow them to ride to music unfortunately. Shortly after they performed for the community, the elders shut their team down, stating that it encouraged spending too much time around English kids (non-Amish) and kept them from their afternoon chores. The kids were heartbroken, but obeyed. A few girls continued to help with the English kids' drill team practices, filling in when someone was sick. Working with this group of young people was an amazing experience. It's only been a few years, but most of these kids are married with babies now.

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