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I absolutely adore this vivid & cozy cover for my newest romance, WILLOW CREEK!!

Partnering with HarperCollins/One More Chapter, I've created a sweet and sexy forbidden romance that I think you'll love.

An emotional slow burn romance of forbidden love, intense chemistry and second chances. One kiss is all it takes…

When Katie Colter’s life was saved during a ferocious storm by Rowan Coblentz, an Amish boy from the neighboring settlement, she repaid his kindness with a kiss. And in that one moment a forbidden love was ignited. But when Katie’s father found the young lovers together, he banished Rowan, and Katie never saw him again…

Now, six years later, with her father dead and the family farm in jeopardy, Katie needs Rowan’s help. But the shy young Amish boy she once knew has grown into a handsome and forceful man. The attraction between them is still as strong as ever, but Katie’s life is on her family farm, with the horses she loves, and Rowan’s place is within his sheltered Amish community.

Can their love find a way, or will it remain forbidden, forever?

Available on October 23rd! Pre-order at all retailers where books are sold!

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