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Get ready for a new Possum Gap novel!

Book # 4 of the Possum Gap series arrives on June 11th! Click here to pre-order!

In the beautiful and harrowing hills of southern Kentucky, Sheriff Sadie Mills is feeling the doldrums when her best friend and a top-selling realtor, Tanya Beaumont, informs her that their favorite teenage haunt is for sale. The crumbling plantation home is full of buried secrets and unseen perils, but that doesn’t deter Sadie and Tanya from acting on their dream. When the town’s coroner, a Yankee transplant with a sordid past, wants in on the scheme, the trio forms an unlikely partnership.

A triple homicide in a neighboring county, a murder closer to home, and a dangerous drought take Sadie and her friends by surprise. Unforeseen circumstances threaten their carefully laid plans and their very lives. But the real shock is discovering that the Helena House’s shameful slave past is more than it seems. With the assistance of an unexpected ally, Sadie is in for the wildest ride of her life yet.

Sadie’s pursuit of the truth brings stunning revelations as she unravels the plantation’s tale of terrible loss, perseverance, and ultimately, redemption in this thrilling fourth Possum Gap novel.

Enigmatic and gripping, Demons Live Here, is an adrenaline-charged reading experience that will keep you turning pages late into the night, as you experience the Underground Railroad, a haunting, and a terrifying cat and mouse game with a deadly group that has their own plans for the Helena House and the land surrounding it.



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