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Rave reviews for Dark Hollow Road!

Dark Hollow Road has had a slew of rave reviews prior to it's release on October 27th! Read some of them below & pre-order is available on Amazon!

Readers' Favorite Review "Karen Ann Hopkins weaves a gripping murder mystery yarn with twists and turns galore. Every time you feel you've figured out the plot, Hopkins pulls the rug from under your feet over and over again. All the main characters have well-thought-out backstories and their own plot threads that make them seem like real people with real emotions, motives, and inner conflicts. The town of Possum Gap feels lived-in, with the members of the Dover clan bringing a colorful dynamic to the proceedings, especially the scenes involving Grandma Dover. Hopkins keeps her cards close to her chest as the complete mystery only gets revealed in the last few pages. I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Hollow Road and am looking forward to reading other books from the series." Readers' Favorite Review "I very much enjoyed reading Dark Hollow Road. It has crime, thrills, mystery, excitement, and friendship as its base with likable characters and an interesting plot. The ending is exciting and turns into a 'can't put it down' page-turner. Karen Ann Hopkins described the hill country, the Amish community, and the problems between the different sets of people in a way that made them feel alive and real. Dark Hollow Road covers many genres and is just an excellent, all-round story for anyone who enjoys reading about life in the backcountry with a crime story for flavoring." Book Sirens' Review "It's a great read if you enjoy the Serenity Adam's series you'll enjoy this one!" Readers' Favorite Review "Dark Hollow Road by Karen Ann Hopkins is an excellent sequel to Free From Sin. The plot is solid and well-developed. The characters are authentic and show growth, while the novel is filled with well-rounded characters and fast-paced and heart-stopping action. Sadie Mills does not have a weak bone in her body. She epitomizes the strong female lead and never backs down in her search for the truth and in bringing closure to the families of the victims she has to deal with. With each book focusing on the story from Sadie and two other characters' points of view, the reader has deeper insight into the plot and its development. I look forward to the third book, where Sadie Mills and Serenity Adams from Bloods Rock work together." Book Sirens' Review "This is a really fast paced, well plotted and interesting read. It is told mainly from Sadies view, but also by Russo and Lucinda, an Amish housewife. Not knowing much about the Amish, it's interesting to read not only about their lifestyle, but also that of small town America and the hill communities. This is the second in the Possum Gap series and fits in nicely with this authors Serenity's Plain Secrets series, both featuring a strong independent woman. I read this in one sitting, late into the night, and loved it. Roll on the next in the series."


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